United We Die – Chapter 3: Back In Business


Back In Business

Bellicks was pulled up by a helpful hand. He quickly brushed his jacket and looked up. He opened his mouth and then closed it. An awkward silence fell among them. But No-Face turned and inspected the body. He removed his dark black sunglasses from his face.

But there was no eyes….

He grabbed the body and turned it over. He sniffed the air.

But he had no nose….

“His name is John Wilkins, part of a small biker gang from the Bronx, aged 40, weighs 180 pounds, has a bad heart.” spoke No-Face.

But he had no mouth…..

“Um….fantastic” said Bellicks rubbing the back of his head slowly. “Thanks by the way.. for uh watching my back.” No-Face stood up and fixed his jacket. He put his glasses back on. “Been tailing ya’ for the past half-hour. Hidden in the shadows. Your a hard man to follow, shaking me off. But I always catch your scent. ALWAYS”

Bellicks stood on the spot feeling uneasy. No-Face, while he was his longtime friend and associate, well…he creeped the living heck out of him. “So uh…. you heading back to base?” asked Bellicks as he rubbed the back of his head roughly. No-Face didn’t respond, he just stood there tinting his glasses. Aw gee, thanks for responding jackass. What am I? Invisable or something to you??? thought Bellicks as he watched No-Face being completely un-responsive.

“Hurrrrm….best thing to do…nothing else…ask questions” mumbled No-Face, and with that he walked u the street his left hand grasping the crowbar tightly, his other hand dug deep inside his pockets. Bellicks stood there for a moment with a blank look on his face. He was surprised and irritated, but he caught up with No-Face. As they walked on, silently up the street, through the chilly mist, Bellicks thought back to the first time he….. ‘teamed up’ with No-Face. Back then he was a junior cop. Back then No-Face wasn’t called….No-Face.

His name was Joshua Starks,one of the best detectives in all of America. He had been part of Eaglethorn for years, not much is known about him apart from that he fought in the end of WW2 alongside the English. His intelligence is uncanny, he has perfect athletic ability,extremely strong and trained in almost all forms of hand-to-hand combat. He had the ability to mimic ANYONE’S voice and was able to disappear in the blink of an eye. He was Eaglethorns best agent. However tensions rose when Bellicks, who was only a junior cop at the time, arrived. Bellicks had received full points in all of his training and theory tests, he was one of the most smartest and most devoted people towards the job, apart from No-Face.

Their last Commissioner, John Rhodes, decided that they ‘were a perfect mix in the field’. He sent them to investigate a ‘tip’ about a murder at the local nuclear reactor and chemical plant that was about to take place. Starks and Bellicks took off immediately, although they didn’t agree with each other from the start. Both had their own methods with dealing with these situations. They arrived at the plant, arguing about whether to go through the window or back exit. In the end, they went their separate ways, Bellicks going through the back, Starks going in through the window. That was there FIRST mistake.

The killer was called ‘Nest’. He was a cold-blooded killer who had escaped from Alpha-MAX, the most secure and largest penitentiary in all of America. That is until Nest decided to escape and embarrass everyone that was part of the Alpha-MAX project (i.e. Eaglethorn). Nest had been on the run for two days and already killed 13 people,including the two professors at the nuclear plant.

Bellicks, who disapproved of Starks style, decided to switch off his walkie talkie. THAT was mistake number 2. Bellicks managed to unlock the door with ease, and he carefully walked inside his hand grasping his pistol, the other holding a small torch that gave a very weak light in the dark room. Starks, meanwhile, had successfully managed to land from a two story jump without making a sound. Or breaking his legs. The plant was extremely quiet. Starks moved around the top floor, striking a match and carrying a small shard of a mirror. He used this to help look around corners. And the sharp edge came in handy anytime someone decided to piss him off (which RARELY happened).

As Starks carefully moved around, without making a sound, Bellicks was running through the chemicals lab. THAT was mistake number 3. Bellicks spotted movement at the end of the lab. Not thinking, he ran with his gun pointed straight ahead preparing for ANY movement. He panted constantly, he was beginning to run out of breath,when suddenly Bellicks was tripped up, he fell full-force to the floor. His gun slid underneath a desk, his torch broke as soon as it hit the floor. All Bellicks could hear, over the pounding of his ears, was maniacal laughter. Howard ‘Nest’ Buzzby stood over Bellicks with a large grin over his face. His long greasy hair was drenched with sweat. His hands were covered with blood.

“tut tut tut… Ahhh now JAKEY, I taught you would’ve predicted something like that. The prof’s here says you were..uh…SMART.” said Nest as he paced around Bellicks,his eyes bulging and bloodshot. “Swear…swear..to God..il” mumbled Bellicks. The fall had given him a fat lip. Nest laughed and began mocking him. “So wheres your buddy? I saw’s two of you’s leaving tha car. Looked like ye’ were arguing. Hope my little interference didn’t cause a divorce!” Nest continued laughing, becoming louder and louder until Bellicks heard a choking noise. He dared to look up. Starks had snuck up behind Nest and began strangling him. “Alright PUNK, time to chill out” said Starks. Nest thought differently. He elbowed Starks repeatedly in the stomach and the face. Starks cursed and automatically let go of Nest. Nest turned and kicked Starks full force that sent him flying into a chamber full of toxic chemicals.

Starks screamed and screamed in pain. Smoke was emitting from the chamber. Bellicks quickly got up,floored Nest, grabbed a hazmat mask that was on the nearby table and ran inside the chamber. Bellicks dragged Starks out of the room. He was still howling with pain. The acid pierced through his skin. Bellicks began to panic, he switched on his walkie- talkie and immediately called for help. Nest began to get up,still laughing. Bellicks,in his rage grabbed Starks shard and slit Nest’s throat. He died with a smile on his face.

Commissioner Rhodes arrived within ten minutes with an ambulance and a small squad of cops. They raced upstairs to find Bellicks helping Starks up from the floor. “Sweet Jesus” was all Rhodes could say before Starks was carted off in an ambulance. Bellicks explained to Rhodes about what happened. He was shaken and disturbed at what he had seen. He almost retired on that night, in which Rhodes refused saying “You did the right thing son,you pretty much saved his life and stopped a killer. You called for back-up as soon as there was trouble. I congratulate you on your act of honour. I repeat: you did the right thing.”

Starks was in hospital for around a month and a half. His face was heavily bandaged during this time, only the doctor’s could see his face. Bellicks visited every two days, making sure Starks was ok. This was when their friendship had bonded fully. This was also when Starks became more bitter and adopted the name “No-Face”. Bellicks never asked any questions why after he saw Stark had no mouth,no eyes, no nose, nothing on his face. It was blank as a plain white sheet. Except the most extraordinary thing about the whole situation was he could see,smell,taste and touch better than other human being on the planet. Doctors dint know how but he just could. His intelligence (while it already was on a high scale) had increased. He also seemed to heal from his injuries at an incredible pace. While he went by the name No-Face, most people called him ‘super-cop’. Others just called him ‘weird’.

After the accident, No-Face only relied upon Bellicks. He was the only man he trusted in Eaglethorn. Bellicks too trusted No-Face, although not on the same scale. No-Face also became frequently paranoiac, became convinced that EVERYTHING was a conspiracy mildly schizophrenic (though not dangerously) and became more and more obsessed with dealing with crime.He had an amazing ability to turn any object he had into a weapon with his bare hands. After the accident, Starks wife,Maria, couldn’t take this life anymore especially after what happened to his face. She committed suicide a few days afterwards. No-Face became more depressed,many cops,including Bellicks, became fearful that he might ‘go over the edge’ and turn bad. However,No-Face just became cold and calculating,which wasn’t much better. No-Face became more and more athletic,increasing his speed,stamina,agility and strength higher than anyone else on the force. This also led him to become more violent in his approach.

However as Bellicks walked up the street with No-Face,remembering his dark origin,he shuddered slightly as he remembered Starks’ screams at the the plant: “MY FACE! HELP ME!!! MY FACE!!!!! GET IT OFF MY FACE!!!!!” That day would forever remain with Bellicks. For No-Face…it was literally stuck in his mind. Bellicks and No-Face approached an abandoned building. A large yellow POLICE LINE. DO NOT CROSS tape stood around the building,making a perimeter. They both stepped over the line at the same time. Bellicks opened the door and they walked into a damp,musty living room. They both sat down on a large,ripped sofa. No-Face stretched his leg out and kicked a small lever that was hidden underneath the small table next to the sofa.


The chair made a dull buzzing noise and slowly shook. Bellicks and No-Face sat still, looking at the wall as if something was about to happen. When of all sudden, the chair began to slowly sink into the floor. Bellicks and No-Face remained seated and just kept staring. Everything went dark. Then…..VOOMF!! a thousand lights beamed into their faces. Thousands of people walked around working and talking. They were all wearing suits. Computer screens were filled row after row with numbers and letters. A large global map with thousands of screens filled the back wall. Then a rough voice spoke from behind them:

“Hello gentlemen,welcome back to Eaglethorn. I’ve been waiting for a visit”.


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