Well sorry about that folks, been away for a while, havn’t updated jack shit in a very long time, I really need to improve on this whole blogging thing.

“wow what a n00b”

yes. Yes I totally am, and I deserve the abuse I get (if I get any) and I’m sorry for any fans I actually have. (you’re following a false god. I just talk shit alot, really loudly and people sometimes pay attention)

So let me fill you in on my disappearance & lack of blogging:

“It was February 4th, 2016, a Thursday and I was finished packing my bags for my trip up to Clonmel that I would be taking later that day. Basically one of my best friend’s from college was having a 21st party that Saturday  and I was invited (it sucks not being in the loop and all this shit is being organised while I’m not around) so I figured. Fuck it. I’ll come up a few days early and enjoy myself, see some old friends, fuck around and flirt a bit (it’s  becoming  a bad habit please someone stop me I can’t stop flirting). What could possibly could go wrong?

Well I never realised my college’s RAG (raise & give) week was on the following Monday. And I love my friends. I really do. But goddamn are they the devils on my shoulder when it comes to convincing me to stay for partying.

And that’s basically what happened. Sure there were a few girls involved along the way. On thursday I went to starbucks coffee in cork with a girl, killing time for my bus to Clonmel, Saturday (the night of the 21st) I pulled a girl in the club and lets just say she took it…..handy….while we were in my friends kitchen (I’m hygienic AND horny) and then I got with another girl who I actually kind of like from the college. (we went to see Deadpool for Valentines, cool right?)

So thats that. RAG weeks going to be getting a long post but this is more so an apology and also me bragging about how good I am with women. (but mainly apologizing) and I will also be posting about how good deadpool is.

But for now i recover from a 12 day hangover. My body is literally dying. So when’s the next party?


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