5 tips on how to be a better person

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Annie's Perception

We all want to be better. The best version of us that we could possibly be. We want to be liked, loved, looked up to, and cherished. We want to be appreciated. And we under no circumstances want to be left behind, ignored and have a bad image. Right?

Well since both of us agree on that. I decided to help you out with few tips.

  1. STOP the bullshit

Yes, I am serious. Stop looking for tips that can make you a better person. It will not make you a better person. The tips will just make you, well, more likable, more no conflicting, “mainstream” if you want.

Most tips I’ve seen about how to become a better person target on making people seem easily agreeable to, a sheep in the crowd. Those tips tell people to be nice, polite, wisely quiet when needed to and never, never outspoken about…

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