Hello I guess

So I never actually done something like this before, despite the fact I practically LIVE on the Internet and do a multimedia course in my college.
But make a blog?
I never made a tumblr out of fear of being an oppressive white male on the internet (yes I’m white. I’m also Irish but no, I’m not a leprechaun)
I have a Blogger account but honestly that thing was used so I could write up my reports on programming (the cancer of subjects in my opinion, and many others in my college)
I surprisingly don’t voice my opinions strongly on Twitter as much as I should unless it’s about a tv show that I actually care about and I usually just use the #’s to take the ever-living piss out of most things or in a sarcastic manner.

And then in comes facebook which allows me to shitpost to my heart’s delight, much to the annoyance of many of my peers and other people that really shouldn’t still be still on my friends list but I’m too lazy to actually give a damn.

So here we are. And if your’e still reading this then congratulations, you really did waste you’re time listening to me talk about what websites I use. How exciting. But honestly folks, if you’re still with me then thank you. Thank you for your time and I really do hope that you follow my blog.

What I intend to do, like many others out there, is to voice my opinions (not that they matter I just have a very big mouth that likes to yimmer yammer on for a long time, as if you didn’t already notice), share my thoughts, talk about my life, share my art and just connect I guess.

So this is from me to you.

How’s it goin’?
how horrifying josh final
And yes. This me, the one that is truly horrifying.


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