Day 2: Still don’t have a clue

So here we are. 4th blog post and I think I’m getting the jist of things. Well, kinda. And by kinda I mean I am terrifed about what to write. Do I talk about my life? Do I just talk about how much I love comic books? Do I waste peoples time like I’m doing right now as you are reading this incredibly long and stupidly done sentence?

And then I think to myself:  why not all at once?

So I was thinking for my first proper posting I should talk about me, who I am, where I’m from, interests etc. Y’know all the important details that I should TOTALLY be sharing to a bunch of strangers (stay tuned and I may even give you my  credit card numbers!)

But seriously, who is ‘theactualfosh’?
Well my name is Joshua Dean James O’Farrell-Hurley, a soon to be 21 year old Irish nerd who is absolutely obsessed with comic books and does Creative Multimedia in college to (hopefully) help him get out there in the big world. (The name ‘theactualfosh’ well, thats another story to come soon enough) I’m not a genius, I’m not overly talented at many things, I’m sure as hell not rich. I’m just me, and y’know what?
That’s actually not a bad thing.

If this was a story….actually scratch that. This IS a story. I believe everybody is born to have a story and I think it’s time I started to share mine.

I mean c’mon, all my close friends and anybody that has to deal with me (including you guys) already knows that I compare myself to living in an actual sitcom.

I’ve lived in Ireland for my whole life but I’ve always looked towards the stars. No I never wanted to be an astronaut. Join the Rebel Alliance? Definately. But what I mean to say is, I’ve always had this problem that I had to look at everywhere else instead of appreciating what I have around me.

In other words I should listen more to my mother when she says “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side” 

Just don’t tell her I said she was right, otherwise I won’t hear the end of it.

And ever since then I’ve began treating each day as an adventure. Because honestly this is it. This is the life you lead. You get one chance and sometimes that’s enough. I mean sure, I haven’t traveled the deserts of the Sahara or gone climbing mountains but I still try and treat my own life as if it was in a tv show or a comic book. Heck, this could even me breaking the fourth wall or doing the self narration I do sometimes. Why I do it? I dunno. Insanity perhaps. I just do it because it’s fun.

So I guess I should end this post with an opening. This is my life and you’re going to hear about it. It might be a daily update. It might be weekly. Who knows? (it’ll most likely be daily tbh I just like to leave an air of mystery)

If you have any questions feel free to ask, I love talking to new people. Il either leave a reply to you directly or heck, Il even answer them in the next blog post (just to keep you guys hooked on my ‘amazing answers’)

So I finish this post, listening to Kavinsky ‘Nightcall’ and flexing my fingers from the cramp I’ve given myself from spending 3 hours online. Thanks for listening…..well….more so reading. And I hope you all enjoy the adventures that I call:

                                                           “My Life”


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